Bourbon Geranium Organic Floral Water

This pure floral water of Bourbon geranium has multiple applications. It has powerful toning properties for the skin and, in addition to its topical use, it can be used as a garnish mainly for fruit consumption.



¡Bienvenida a un viaje hacía la autenticidad y la armonía con la tierra!

En Tradicity Organic Farm creemos en la cosmetica natural, pero también en la belleza sostenible que cuide tu piel. Cuidamos toda la producción, desde la selección de plantas hasta la elección de ingredientes.  Permítenos llevarte en un viaje emocionante, donde la fuerza de las conexiones familiares y el poder de la naturaleza permitirán rejuvenecer tu cuerpo y alma.

Cosmetica natural Tradicity Organic Farm


En Tradicity Organic Farm, nos orgullece apoyar la agricultura sostenible.

Trabajamos con agricultores locales comprometidos con las practicas responsables.


Valoramos la transparencia, la conexión con la naturaleza y el empoderamiento personal.

Somos honestos con el medio ambiente, y también contigo. 


Nuestros productos naturales están compuestos de ingredientes 100% naturales cuidadosamente seleccionados y recolectados con armonía con la naturaleza. 


Nos comprometemos a ofrecer opciones éticas y respetuosas con los animales. 

Así, puedes disfrutar de productos de belleza sin comprometer tus valores.

  • AUTHENTIC 100% PURE FLORAL WATER: Soil Association Certified Organic Floral Water – Steam Distilled. Pure and authentic in a large 250 ml amber glass spray bottle. Product Features: Vegan, pure, 100% natural and not tested on animals.
  • 3 TIMES MORE RADIANT SKIN: Astringent, it awakens the skin’s radiance. This tonic is purifying and regulating, this hydrolat is known to be active for blemished skin.
  • ELIMINATES SKIN IMPERFECTIONS: With purifying and soothing active ingredients. This tonic is indicated for tight or blemished skin.
  • INCORPORATE FLOWER WATER INTO THE KITCHEN: Geranium hydrosol has a surprising floral flavor in the kitchen. Harmonize your red fruits, black grapes, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, etc. with a touch of geranium floral water to give it a special flavor. It is also ideal for incorporating into your favorite cocktails or drinks.
  • AMBIENT THE HOUSE WITH THIS APHRODISIAC AROMA: Geranium hydrosol, thanks to its intense and long-lasting floral aroma, is a very beautiful linen water. It can be used as a home fragrance. Spray on cushions, armchairs and pillows for a fresh, spring-like scent in the house.



Hydrosols for the face:

Obtained during steam distillation of plants, hydrosols are waters loaded with aromatic plant compounds. Less concentrated than essential oils, hydrosols are a very gentle alternative suitable for all skin types and very easy to use.

Rich in plant active ingredients, hydrosols purify, soften and tone the skin. Composed largely of water, they are perfect as moisturizers and toners for the skin in “slow beauty” mode.

Toning and refreshing, they are pleasant at any time of the day in mist and are a must in summer. Discover hydrosols adapted to your skin type and adopt this new daily care step!

  • Which hydrosol should I use for my dry skin? Hydrosols are also useful for toning and moisturizing. Ideally, they should be applied before a nourishing cream treatment, which will form a protective film to maintain good skin hydration. The choice will be in hydrosols that will gently invigorate: linden, orange blossom and lemon balm.
  • Which hydrosol can I use for my combination skin? We choose hydrosols that gently balance sebum secretion: Hamamelis, Ylang Ylang.
  • Which hydrosol goes best with my oily skin and enlarged pores? Astringent and purifying, Hydrosols are ideal treatments to regulate this type of skin: Rosemary and Grapefruit.
  • Which hydrosol can I use for my acne-prone skin? Tea tree and sage.
  • Which hydrosol is recommended for my delicate and sensitive skin? Lavender and Chamomile.
  • Which hydrosol works best against skin aging? Rose water.
  • Which hydrosol for my dull skin? Geranium and Lemon.
  • Which hydrosol to choose to combat rosacea? Helichrysum and Hamamelis.
  • Which hydrosol can I use against dark circles under the eyes and puffiness? Cornflower and helichrysum.
  • Which hydrosol is the most appropriate to refresh me in summer? Peppermint.
  • What about men, which hydrosols after shaving? Sandalwood.

250 ml.


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