Everything in nature invites us
constantly to be what we are

— Gretel Ehrlich


Introducing Tradicity Organic Farm, a small brand with an ethical approach: respect for nature and biodiversity. Therefore, our priority is the development of natural cosmetics. At Tradicity Organic Farm we treat our body as the temple it we want you to do the same. To this end, we work hard to produce a versatile range of top quality natural cosmetic products which are also organic and ecological. By doing so, we convey the love we have for our valued customers and the planet.

Our mission to produce natural cosmetics begins with the careful selection of the most important ingredients: our crops, farmers and producers, as we want to make sure that the herbs, flowers and plants have been properly cultivated to be the main base of our floral waters (hydrolats), after being grown and harvested. Hydrolats are extractions of herbs, flowers and spices. From Tradicity Organic Farm, we want to offer you the best quality in natural extracts for the manufacture and traditional elaboration of handmade organic products, just for your enjoyment in 100% natural treatments.

The hydrolats contain a minimum amount of essential oil and a pH very similar to the one of our skin, between 3 and 7, depending on the base plant. For this reason, hydrolats are ideal for sensitive, infantile, delicate, unbalanced and irritated skin. This explains why their most common use is as a tonic.

Our products


Descubre el Jugo Fresco y Natural de Aloe Vera Líquido de Tradicity Organic Farm, ¡todo lo que necesitas para tu bienestar interior y exterior! El jugo de Aloe Vera emerge como una de las plantas medicinales más veneradas y versátiles, cortejando a las culturas a lo largo de los siglos.

La Árnica Gel de Tradicity Organic Farm es un producto natural, para todo tipo de pieles e ideal para las lesiones musculares. ¡Descúbrelo!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson, American writer, philosopher and poet, once said, «The earth smiles through flowers.» And so we tell you in this article. Floral waters, also known as hydrolats or hydrosols, are the result of steam distillation of different parts of plants, herbs and flowers. Through this distillation process,

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